Bringing the past to the present

James Brown at Boston Garden, 4th April, 1968; Big Brother and the Holding Company’s1968 American Tour, Elvis Presley’s comeback special, which aired on American TV on 3rd December,1968. Just a few of the performances listed in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 50 Greatest Concerts of the Last 50 Years.

If you were lucky enough to be at any of them we’d love you to share your experience with us. If like most of us you weren’t that lucky, then watching clips of them on YouTube is probably the closest many people will ever come to experiencing those mind-blowing gigs. Up until now.

Come and join the fun!

Travel back

At Reflections it’s our mission to try and re-create as closely as possible the atmosphere and excitement of those and other seminal musical performances from artists like ABBA, Elton John, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and many more.

We play digitally restored footage of the greatest gigs on some of the largest, high definition screens available and pump the sound through some of the most awesome PA equipment to give you a sound that is probably better than the original performance. That’s not all. While the original gig footage plays on giant screens a lookalike band will replicate every movement on stage to complete the feeling of being at the actual gig. Short of owning a time machine and travelling back to those moments of gig history, our events are the next best thing.

We organise these great events because we love great music, and partying.

Look the part!

Not only does the band on stage look like the real thing, you can too! Transform yourself into your rock star idol, a hip hopper, be bopper, a smooth criminal or a dancing queen.

Great merch, great food and drink

Buy exclusive, hard to come by tour merchandise from the original gig, including T-shirts, posters, patches, baseball caps, jewellery and much, much more from our fully licenced vendors.

Fed up with greasy burgers, chips and hotdogs at events? Then step right this way.

We have some of the finest street food vendors around serving mouth-watering dishes from around the world, at reasonable prices. And you don’t have to put up with over-priced warm flat beer either. Our wide range of craft beers, wine, and healthy option non-alcoholic drinks won’t leave you disappointed.

Family friendly

Our events appeal to people of all ages, so we go out of our way to ensure they are as family friendly as possible.

Fully qualified security personnel and family-friendly seating areas help create a positive, relaxed,party atmosphere. Why just make online friends? Our events bring people together, giving you and your family the opportunity to make lasting real friendships.

Apart from the great acts on screen and on the stage there are always added activities before the main event. Fairground stalls and bouncy castles, sumo suits, bungee runs, inflatable pole jousting and sticky walls.

There’s street entertainers too. Stilt walkers, mime artists and jugglers creating a great music festival atmosphere.

What are you waiting for?!

Keep checking our website for up and coming events.